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About ONE

ONE has many plans. To protect wild animals and conserve intact habitats. To keep domestic animals, which helps ensure to keep the soil loose. To cultivate vegetables the natural way. To live in nature. All in the spirit of a world, where we as humans don’t live off, but with nature. Sustainable. Holistic.
Why does ONE want this?
Climate change, diminishing of habitats, the extinction of plant and animal species. No doubt: humans live at the cost of nature. For a long time already. Also in Namibia.

Despite our affirmations that it cannot go on like this. That we have to honour our obligation towards nature and the generations to come.

ONE stands by this obligation. ONE will act accordingly. Prove that it is possible to do things differently. Not at the cost of nature, but in harmony with nature. And thereby create a path that others can follow.

The first step is to conserve natural habitats and protect wild animals. This is financed through income from the hospitality business: tourists experience game in the wild.

This is a sustainable “product” that is becoming rarer by the day. And more sought after all over the world. Because we as humans long for intact nature, which is after all our place of origin, which our innermost being needs to stay alive.

ONE did not make up these insights. They result from decades of experience. Behind ONE is the Rust Trust, a family trust, with its successful tourism and agriculture enterprises:

Waterberg Wilderness

Hospitality and nature resort at the Waterberg


Hospitality resort at the International Airport with hiking trails through the African bush savannah


Hospitality and nature resort cum farming enterprise in the Otavi-mountains

More steps could soon follow the first one. ONE could for example

  • aquire more partners with land for the keeping of game
  • engage in the environmentally friendly cultivation of vegetables and fodder plants
  • provide erven for living in nature, close (but not too close) to airport and city
  • make its employees shareholders of its businesses

ONE will venture into all of this. With the help of like-minded people who want to honour their obligation – towards nature and the generations to come.

The Rust Trust has considered these ideas for quite a while already, including the possibility to implement them through a crowd funding of sorts. The Corona crisis has served as the final impulse for action.

For the crisis does not threaten us as humans, but nature: no tourists, no hospitality business. No hospitality business, no livelihood for people and no income for the protection of wild animals.

Poaching is on the rise at an alarming rate. And very soon humans will live at the cost of nature yet again.

What are ONE’s business assets?
The game in the nature reserves of Waterberg Wilderness and Ghaub, as well as the  cattle on farm Ghaub, “belong” to ONE.

ONE leases the land of the nature reserves and ensures the protection of wildlife and the conservation of the variety of species in the habitat.

ONE has an operation permit and lease contracts for the Lodges and camp sites at Waterberg Wilderness, Ghaub Nature Reserve & Farm and Ondekaremba.

ONE also owns the Land of Ondekaremba close to the airport, where the ONE offices, as well as Ondekaremba Lodge and camp sites, are located.

ONE generates income through its hospitality businesses. Net income is reinvested in the business and future projects.

Why is it called "All for ONE"?

Because ONE makes it possible for nature lovers and investors to help. Actively and directly. Not through a direct donation, but through “sustainable” shareholding.

Competency and continuity are important for ONE’s sustainable success. Both are assured: shareholders do not receive normal shares with voting power, but B class shares without voting power and many perks instead.

Share are available at N$ 16.000 (1 N$ = 1 ZAR; currency converter). Like this, anyone can share in Africa – in both senses of the word.

ONE B class shares offer many perks, such as reduced rates in ONE hospitality resorts or free rhino tracking tours. Find out more here.

ONE-shareholders also get a judicially binding repurchase guarantee. Three years after purchase, you can return your share. ONE will repurchase it for the starter price.

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