Preserving Africa piece by piece

Nov 2, 2020

A world, where humans don’t live off, but with nature. This is probably almost everyone’s wish here on earth. Many march in protest, some donate. But does it help? Especially now, during the Corona crisis? From today onwards, everyone can actively help to make this wish a reality. In Namibia. By bringing your “share” for nature …

ONE Namibia has turned the wish to live in harmony with nature into business goals. Conservation of wildlife and habitats, letting tourists experience nature, financing nature conservation through the hospitality business, and the creation of workplaces. In addition, visitors to the region as well as locals can enjoy vegetables and meat from naturally sustainable agricultural production. More here.

Shares available

This is what a piece of Africa looks like: ONE director Martin Rust with a sample of the Wildlife Share Certificate of ONE Namibia.

Everyone in Namibia or elsewhere in the world can now support ONE in achieving these goals. As from today, the Rust family trust is selling shares at a price of 8.000 N$ each.

The shares come without voting power, but offer attractive perks – such as accommodation vouchers for ONE lodges in Namibia. Price and perks are guaranteed for shares purchased till 31 January 2021. Find more info here.

Carefree share of Africa

Many shareholders will however value the material benefits less than the ideological ones: the joy of getting a share of Africa – in both senses of the word. The always open gate to “your” piece of Africa via google satellite one ONE Namibia’s website. The regular reports and posts about the work on site. More here.

Worrying about the money invested is futile. The Rust family trust guarantees to buy back the share three years after purchase. At the original price, in Namibia Dollar. Less only administrative charges, and always subject to fluctuations in the exchange rate.

Solid foundation

The competency of the Rust family trust vouches for additional security. The farming and hospitality businesses, which have been successfully established and expanded over a period of 20 years, form the foundation of ONE Namibia.

The lodges are already now welcoming visitors from Europe again. ONE Namibia had in fact only expected European guests from July 2021, when a vaccine against Corona would possibly be available.

Rhinos and lodges

The business assets of ONE Namibia consist of

  • the game stock in the nature reserves Ghaub and Waterberg Wilderness (total combined surface area ca. 24.000 ha or 240 km²), with, amongst others, two groups of white rhino,
  • operations and lease agreements for the lodges and camp sites in the nature reserves Ghaub and Waterberg Wilderness,
  • 320 head of cattle in the farm area of Ghaub,
  • as well as the real estate (roundabout 300 ha or 3 km²) and hospitality resort of Ondekaremba, in immediate proximity to the international airport near the capital Windhoek.

View from the lookout tower of Ondekaremba over the property of ONE Namibia near the international airport. Photo: Alexander Heinrichs

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