Rhinos and lodges under ONE umbrella

Oct 15, 2020

Life is now breathed into ONE Namibia. After its formal foundation, the company has received its assets. The wildlife stock of two nature reserves and the three hospitality resorts of the Rust family trust are now permanent assets of ONE. Only one last step left before the venture can take off …

To conserve wildlife together with its habitat is one of the most important and most urgent undertakings of ONE Namibia. The wildlife stock of the two nature reserves Ghaub and Waterberg Wilderness (total combined surface area of ca. 24.000 ha or 240 km²) has now been transferred to ONE Namibia.

Two rhino populations

On Ghaub there are, amongst others, 160 of each springbok und impala, 60 blesbok, 140 eland, 24 giraffes, as well as five roan, and eight sable antelopes. The main attraction, however, is a growing group of white rhinos: the small family of three cows and two bulls, which was released on Ghaub in 2016, has already produced offspring five times.

A further group of seven rhinos lives on Waterberg Wilderness, which is also home tp 36 giraffes and about 350 animals of other species, such as hartebeest, kudu, oryx, springbok and Burchell’s zebra.

A lease is paid for the grazing land on the two nature reserves. In addition, ONE Namibia is now responsible for the game protection. Investment in the equipment and training of game rangers, and the improvement of working environment and living conditions is in planning.

Income through visitors

As before, the operation of the hospitality resorts will continue to provide finances for nature conservation. To this end, ONE Namibia has concluded operation and lease agreements for the respective lodges and campsites on Ghaub and Waterberg Wilderness with the two real estate companies of the Rust family trust.

The real estate on Ondekaremba, a farm with hospitality resort in close proximity to the international airport near Windhoek, completes the portfolio. The terrain of roundabout 300 ha (3 km²) with a lodge, a self-catering lodge, and a camp site also houses the head office of ONE Namibia.

Last step before take-off

Only one step left before ONE Namibia can really take off: the allocation of shares. Small investors get the opportunity to invest in a concept for the future, which enables humans to live in harmony with nature.

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